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HDL is an award-winning logging company on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Our expertise in west coast logging is unparalleled. 


HDL employs approximately 50 people and contractors to conduct falling, yarding, loading, hauling, road maintenance, roadside brushing, and road construction operations. Our company is also capable of dry land sorting and log booming. In addition to its contract with Western Forest Products, HDL harvests timber and constructs roads for other licensees and successful bids directly with BC Timber Sales.

HDL was incorporated in 1979 to provide log-harvesting services for Canadian Forest Products’ Englewood Division (Canfor), on TFL 37. Holbrook Dyson Logging changed ownership in 2003 through a share purchase by the Alm-Wood Group. This group has considerable experience ranging from timber development to log marketing on the coast of British Columbia. 

Since Western Forest Product’s takeover of TFL 37 in 2006, Holbrook Dyson Logging has also become part of Western Forest Product’s Chain of Custody Sustainable Forestry (SFI) certification. In addition, Holbrook Dyson Logging complies with Western Forest Products and BC Timber Sales’ Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Holbrook Dyson Logging is a SAFE Certified Company with the BC Forest Safety Council.

Through its relationship with Canfor and then Western Forest Products (WFP), Holbrook Dyson Logging meets the International Standards Organization (ISO 14001) and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Z809) requirements.

HDL also performs harvesting and road-building services for Atli Resources LP, a Namgis First Nation tenure in the Nimpkish Valley.

HDL respectfully acknowledges that our operations are located on the traditional territories of the Namgis, Mowachaht/Muchalaht, K’ómoks, Tlowitsis, We Wai Kum, and Kwakiutl First Nations.


  • We believe that all fatalities and injuries are preventable.
  • We believe in a culture where the health and safety of all workers is an overriding priority.
  • We believe that excellence in health and safety is important to our long-term success.



Strive for and achieve a competitive advantage and a high measure of profitability, while maintaining high-quality, efficient, and environmentally sound logging practices.



Ensure the highest level of safe working conditions to reduce the occurrence of time loss and maintain SAFE Certification with the BC Forest Safety Council.



We support the local Carhi High Forestry Program, facilitating trips to our operations. Student’s to get hands-on knowledge of our harvesting and road-building operations. Additionally, we provide a yearly grant for students continuing education in forestry.

"Our mission is to conduct our operation safely, promote a healthy working environment and attitude within the company, and prevent injuries to our fellow employees. The co-operation of everyone is essential to make the woods a safe place to work."

Robert Wood, President

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Our mission is to conduct our operations safely, promote a healthy working environment and attitude within the company, and prevent injuries to our fellow employees. The cooperation of everyone is essential to make the woods a safe place to work.

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Rock truck on the move #hdlogging #roadbuilding #bcforestry #vancouverisland
My those are some big teeth you have there!

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Sparks are flying in the shop!

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Getting loaded and heading to the sort

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We are hiring a landing bucker! If you think this could be a good fit for you, please go to our website 

and send in your resume!

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The grapple yarder on the move! #HDLogging #bcforestry #forestry #bclogging
The boys havin some fun building roads 😊🌲 

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Loading up the rock truck 
 #HDLogging #bcforestry #bclogging #vancouverisland #roadbuilding
Doing some road building. Anyone know what mountain peak that is in the distance??

 #HDLogging #bcforestry #forestry #bclogging #vancouverisland
Loading some rock and building a new road!

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The lingkbelt sorting some logs on the deck

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